Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in renting a car? Let’s get started with these basics.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24-hour grace period for customers to cancel their reservation from the initial transaction. Afterwards, if the reservation is canceled seven or more days before the scheduled rental date, there will be no penalty. Cancellations occurring in less than seven days from rental date will be penalized with a fee equal to 50 percent of the rental value.

Do You Take A Security Deposit?

Yes. The deposit will depend on the type of vehicle you have rented and the type of an insurance that you carry. A hold will be placed on your credit card during the rental period, which will be released when the vehicle is returned with no issues

What Brands Of Vehicles Do You Carry?

We currently offer: Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Corvette

Do You Offer Hourly Rentals?

No. We require that all of our rentals be at least a 24 hour period. This helps our clients avoid penalty charges. In case our client must have a shorter rental period, we ask them to contact our customer service.

I Have Car Insurance That Covers Me For Driving In Other Cars. Do I Still Need To Purchase Your Insurance Policy?

If you are a U.S. citizen that has a car insurance that covers you for driving different vehicles, you will not need additional coverage. We will contact your insurance provider to make sure that your policy covers you for the rental and is in good standing. Falcon Exotic Car Rentals will help their international customers obtain insurance coverage for the rental period.

Can I Rent One Of Your Cars If I Am Younger Than 25 Years Old?

If your insurance is in good standing, we will allow clients under the age of 25 to rent a vehicle as long as they are 21 years of age or older. However, an underage fee of 20 percent of the rental value will be applied to the overall cost of the vehicle. Please take that into consideration.

Is There A Limited Number Of Miles I Can Drive?

Each vehicle has an allotted number of free miles that is included into the daily rental fee. The number varies depending on the vehicle model.

How Much Do I Get Charged Extra Per Mile?

The charges for the extra miles placed on the vehicle will vary. Charges are based on the style and make of the vehicle. All extra mile charges are listed with the rental price.

What Happens If I Get A Ticket or Tolls?

We are not responsible for any tickets you incur while driving our vehicles, nor will we pay any toll road fees. You are also responsible for any other fees, penalties, towing charges, or impound costs.
Clients are responsible for all expenses they incur in the rented vehicle.

Do I Get A Discount When I Rent For A Week Or A Month?

If you rent the vehicle for a minimum of seven and up to 27 days, we will provide a 15 percent discount on rental price of the vehicle. For vehicles rented for 28 or more consecutive days, the discount will be 30 percent. The discounts do not apply to any additional charges.

Do I need to arrive earlier than scheduled?

Please arrive 20 minutes before your rental time to sign an agreement and do a vehicle walkthrough.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. You can purchase gift cards online on our website.

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